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Meet Us On Olive Street

Where creativity inspires great memories--and more.

That’s the spirit of Olive Street. Won’t you join us on this road filled with creativity and fun? Our beautiful textiles tell a story of adventure ahead and memories behind.   Stroll down Olive Street in every city you visit. A special design–and a special story–for each and every location. Tell your own story. No matter where your journey may lead, let Olive Street lead you right back home again with our new tabletop line.

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Calle Regina
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Heartbreak Lane
Heyward Mews
Prairie View
Rue de Avignon

More About Olive Street

Stroll down Olive Street, wherever you visit. A special design–and a special story–inspired by some of our favorite places.  Inspired by our favorite cities and anywhere your heart may take you.


I live in New York City and, once I became a mother, was looking for a baby bag that was different from what everyone else had. I’m so excited that I found my Olive Street tote, which fits everything. The design has all of my friends asking, “where did you find that bag?” I won’t be the only one carrying it here for long.

— Peggy

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My Olive Street clutch is always on my packing list when I go on vacation. It’s the perfect size for evenings out, but during the day, it fits all my necessities and goes right into my bicycle basket. Wherever I go, my Olive Street goes, too–day or night.

— Jen

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