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About Olive Street

Stroll down Olive Street in every city you visit.  

And bring a little bit of it home for you

A special design–and a special story–for each and every location.

Meet Maya.


Maya LaLonde is an interior designer. Her work in design has come quite naturally, from an obsession with pattern play her entire life.  An evolution of her career led to an exploration of her favorite part of interior design: the textiles. Her goal is to create textiles with meaning. It's not just about the color and pattern, either. It's about the heft of the material and how it's manufactured. It's about intention and function. It’s about the story that goes into each and every piece. The pandemic gave Maya the time and space to focus on her craft, which could be described as a stroll down her own personal Olive Street. Her memories, her experiences, and her artistic skill resulted in the creation of a series of whimsically illustrated hearts in recognition of a community suffering from both illness and isolation at the hands of COVID. An illustration of a heart, designed to show support and solidarity, became the design of a textile, which soon became the design of a tote bag. With her creativity flowing at a new level and inspired by collections of antique embroidery patterns, vintage fabrics, and beautiful details, Maya has continued to design pieces that tell a special story in a way that only she can tell it. Experience Maya’s unique view of the world, where style and whimsy combine. Follow Olive Street and get to know Maya. And you’ll see what it means to be a badass wherever you go. 


The Story

Who travels down Olive Street? A woman on the go. Poised for adventure. Classy, fabulous, and a little badass. Facing life and all it has to offer, with a wink and a smile. Collecting memories and holding them close to her heart. She has an eye for a good find, and whether she is traveling or close to home, she's always on the lookout for the best gift and loves a new purchase that has a great story behind it.


Each Olive Street bag tells a story on its own: the story of a wonderful vacation where it was purchased, the memory of the shopping expedition, the excitement of packaging up these memories along with many stories to share with a dearest friend. There's a story behind every element of the design of every Olive Street bag, as well.    


Olive Street does not just design tote bags. These bags are created from carefully sourced fabrics that are beautiful, functional, durable, and sustainable--inside and out since one of the hallmarks of these beautiful bags is the lining inside, which allows many of these bags to be reversible. The dimensions were carefully considered, along with other details, including the length and width of the handles, and the placement of the pockets. The bags' production is managed by a carefully selected manufacturer, with time-honored traditions. The design for each bag has been artfully and creatively designed by Maya herself, with inspiration coming from her own life's experience, doodles, and collage, all with a great sense of humor. These bags are special.  

Our tote bags and clutches have been so popular that our customers asked for us to explore Maya's hand drawn patterns in other products. After a creative exploration that included wallpaper, linens and more, we've developed our tabletop line. We don't want the worry of ironing or ruining the good linens to get in the way of a beautiful tabletop. Our new tabletop products are meant to be used. Our napkins, counter cloths and all-around towels will soften with use and washing. Our non-fray fabric can be cut down and reused. Use it up and wear it out. Here for a good time, not a long time, who says eco-friendly can't be beautiful. These products are designed to biodegrade. More use than paper, as elegant as your fine linens, but designed for carefree use. 


Stroll down Olive Street in every city you visit. And bring a little bit home with you. 

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